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January 23, 2008

There is NO GOLD in Fort Knox!

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Gold Bars at Fort KnoxI have heard this joke many times but I still laugh every time.

It goes like this:

When George W. Bush became President he said there were a few things he always wanted to do but never could; and now that he is President, he gets to.

The first was that he always wanted to see the Gold in Fort Knox. His aides tried to discourage this by assuring him that the Gold and Fort Knox itself was very boring and that perhaps he would like to do something else.

“No”, said the new President. “I want to see the Gold in Fort Knox”.

“Whatever you say, Mr. President”.

So they went to Kentucky and went inside the building at Fort Knox. An aide aptly pointed out that they really were behind schedule and perhaps they should go; once you’ve seen an ounce of Gold you’ve seen them all anyway.

“I want to see the Gold” said an increasingly perturbed President. “Let’s go in the vault”.

“Ok, sir”. And in the vault they went.

“Where’s the Gold?” asked George W. as he stood inside a large, brightly lit, but empty room.

“Ah, there is no Gold, sir” came the reply.

“What! No Gold?”

“No, sir, I’m afraid not.”

And with that the new President turned on his heel and headed for the door.

As he left the vault, President George W. Bush addressed the officer in charge and said:

“Double the guard!”

Fort Knox Bullion Depository


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